A Few words from the co-founder - Priscilla Flint Banks

BEJI is a nonprofit 501c3 tax-exempt organization. We started the Black Economic Justice Institute, Inc. (BEJI) to accomplish one important goal: To advocate and develop programs that address justice and economic opportunity for black and other people of color of Boston. 

BEJI was created because community advocates and activists saw the need for a voice regarding the unemployment and under-employment of Boston’s Black community, people of color and females when it comes to construction and permanent jobs.  We have grown to become a powerful voice in greater Boston. Our non-profit 501c3 tax-exempt organization advocates,  educate and assists greater Boston’s communities of color in securing sustainable jobs, and/or creating our own businesses. 

What We Believe

BEJI believes that economic justice is about creating a successful Boston area economy that achieves sustainable growth for all people. We also believe generating prosperity is important; but at the same time, it is also about creating good jobs that make the best of all Boston area resident's talents. Today, Boston has hundreds of thousands of people working in jobs that are below their skill level. This means they aren’t able to earn what they could, and the productive potential of Boston's economy is held back.

True Ecomonic Justice

Economic justice is about making sure that the benefits of Boston's growth go to people rather than profits. 

The Boston economy exists to serve Boston area residents, not the other way round. This means over time, the economy should be increasing the share of Boston income that goes to wages rather than profits. 

Today, workers in Boston are getting the rawest deal since the major redevelopment of Boston over the past 2 decades. Not only is that not good for Boston living standards. BEJI is working to make sure that Boston area prosperity is broadly-shared across households, in the Black community of Boston.

After many demonstrations and negotiations BEJI in partnership with the Boston Jobs Coalition have won crucial job victories at the Airport, Chinatown, Jamaica Plain and Roxbury construction sites. We were successful in co-authoring the Roxbury Good Job Standards that changes the way hiring is conducted in Boston around construction and permanent jobs. 

Equitable changes simply cannot wait. BEJI is about economic fairness and economic justice – ensuring that the economic promise of rising living standards for all people for generations. Economic justice is about an economy that builds the common good – the things that we share and value in common, from the natural environment through to public services. BEJI recognizes that our Boston economy is so much broader than company profits. The good economy values the common good and invests in it.

- Priscilla Flint Banks, Vice President, and Co-Founder

A Message From Brother LO


We are focused on addressing economic justice by uniting citizens, labor, faith, foundations, corporate partners and community organizations to develop and win campaigns that promote economic justice for all. We are about building strong, diverse, sustainable neighborhoods in Boston.

The result of unemployment and under-employment is an $8 net worth for Boston Black households, as reported by the Federal Reserve of Boston. Whites net worth ---- $247,500. This is injustice.  

BEJI has received institutional support, but the increasing demand for our services is outpacing funding. It’s that time of year... We ask that you would think about donating to BEJI for your end of the year giving.

We ask that you assist us by:

  1. Sending us a donation by March 1, 2020 (see the donate button below).
  2. Consider becoming a sustainable giver to BEJI. This would require that you send a certain amount every month to BEJI. The amount can be $5, 10, 15, 20 or whatever amount you decide.

With your financial commitment we can continue this very important work:  

  • Continue to work to ensure full compliance of Boston Resident Job Policy
  • Build businesses of our own
  • Fight Gentrification of our neighborhoods
  • Promote homeownership and safe neighborhoods

Your contribution will also make it possible for us to continue to develop empowering programs for youth and seniors.  Please donate now through the paypal button (below). You can also mail us a check or money order to Black Economic Justice Institute 321 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester, MA 02121

Thank You for helping us help Boston to become a better community for all!

- Bro Lo Banks, President, Executive Director and Co-Founder

Your support and contributions will enable BEJI to meet our goals and improve economic conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.